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Why does the truth of Christianity matter? If we have a sincere faith in something, if we have a personal respect for our personal view of God, isn’t that enough? Why should religion even matter? Well, religion doesn’t matter… but a relationship with God does! And the only way to reach God is through the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. All the rest is man-made fluff! Check out more here…

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  • Crystal Healing Information: An ancient practice using amulets, magical stones, and gems. Why should we proceed with caution?
  • The Gnostic Gospels: What should we make of these “new” gospel accounts of Jesus and the early church? Are they biblical?
  • Law Of Karma: Are we on a wild ride of physical life cycles or do we die once and then face eternity?
  • Jesus Seminar Faults: What are the presuppositions of this movement? What are the issues with their academic methods?
  • Energy And Vibrations: A new age handbook of sorts that helps practioners understand the role of energy and vibrations.
  • Deceptive Theology: Why have so many religious movements sprung up in the name of Jesus over the last couple of centuries?
  • Edgar Cayce Prophecy: The prophecies of Cayce and his legacy of major predictive failure. Check out the record for yourself.
  • History Of Buddhism: Buddhism. What's the background of this major world religion? How did it all begin?
  • Ancient History Of Christianity: What are some of the foundational events of Christianity? What's the real basis for this world religion?
  • Vatican Holy See: A look at the theological beliefs of the Vatican and how institutionalized Christianity sometimes varies from its origin.
  • The Life Of Polycarp: A brief biographical sketch of this church father. The story of his life and faith.
  • The Unity School of Christianity: Are you searching for value and meaning in life? Are you confused with life? Discover why you are on Earth today.
  • Fundamental Christianity: What's at the core of Bible-based Christianity? It's about historical events, not just religious faith.
  • Is Faith Healing Biblical : A look at the biblical foundation for healings in Christ's name. What's happening today?
  • Start Of Religion: How do religious movements start? What types of cultural factors are present?
  • Christian Scientist Cult: Christian Science is an aberant movement that redefines the person and nature of Jesus Christ.
  • Origins Of The Church: The history of the Christian church isn't about the origin of an institution, it's about Jesus.
  • Astral Projections: There are several ways people perceive this kind of experience, including dreams and memories. What is the truth?
  • Mormons and Christianity: How does LDS doctrine differ from Bible-based Christian doctrine? Why does it matter?
  • After Life: What's the biblical truth about the afterlife? What's the biblical basis for eternity?
  • What Is Transcendental Meditation: What's the history of this movement? Is it religious expression or new age spirituality?
  • Messianic Jews For Jesus: Many people think all Jews reject Jesus as the Messiah. You might be surprised.
  • Pope John Paul 2: The life and legacy of the current Pope. A look at the Popes of history.
  • Genuine Christianity: The foundational truth of the Christian faith is Jesus Christ, not any kind of organized religion.
  • Mother Mary: The virgin birth was indeed a core miracle of the Christian faith, but Mary wasn't holy herself.
  • Liberal Christianity: Pluralism and compromise are abundant in the Christian church today. Check it out for yourself.
  • Origin Of Islamic Religion: Who was Muhammad and what role did he play in Islam’s controversial beginning? How does Islam compare to Judaism.
  • Early Church History: The beginning of Christianity isn't just the 1st century AD, but goes back to the ancient Jewish Scriptures.
  • Angel Visits: Do these spiritual creatures really exist today? What's the myth and what's the truth?
  • Catholic Clergy: What are the structural statistics surrounding the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church?
  • Freemasonry Secrets : What's the foundation of freemasonry and its structure? Is it a religion?
  • The Blessed Virgin Mary: What's the biblical background of Mary and how has tradition added to that?
  • New Age Movement: What's at the core of this new form of spirituality? Is there a common doctrine?
  • Watch Tower Witnesses: What is the Watchtower doctrine? How is it different from Bible-based Christianity?
  • The Body Of Christ: The Christian church is called the Body of Christ in the Bible. It's not a religious institution.
  • Differences In Doctrine: Why do we have so many theological variations in Christianity today? Take a look.

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